Particle Completion and Playing Particle System Once

Hello, I’m having a problem with Cascade!

I’m having an issue with setting up a particle system to have the behavior I am looking for. The first thing I’m trying to do is set up an overall “lifetime” for the system itself - I noticed in the starter content provided explosion system, there is text that appears at the bottom that says “Completed” and the effect loops in the preview viewport. My system doesn’t have anything like this, but I think it would be very useful! Things seem to loop at about 2 seconds, but if I have a lifetime greater than this, it continuously emits, instead of restarting the entire system. I feel like there is something fundamental that I am missing out on.

Additionally, I want the emitters to emit once and not loop, however the fix that I keep finding is to set the emitter loops to “1” however, when this happens, nothing is emitted at all, even when I set up a blueprint to “spawn in” a new system.

I would really appreciate any help, and if anybody needs me to provide a screenshot of my configuration I can happily do that.