Particle collisions not working while in Sequencer

I’ve set up a sequence where I spawn mesh particles. The particles themselves are set to collisions; WorldDynamic and work perfectly for colliding on a floor tile I’ve set up. However, when I try to render this out via sequencer, it seems my particles ignore their collisions and just fly right through the floor tile. What’s odd is that it works just fine when I play back the sequence in the editor. Does anyone know what I’m missing?

Figured it out when I tried simulating the scene and noticed that my mesh particles would clip through the ground. Turns out I had to go to my Particle system, select my mesh particle emitter, and under the actor collision module there was a tab called “Performance”. In this tab, there is a value called Max Collision distance that defaulted to 1000. Simply bumping up this number to 2000 got my particles to collide with the ground like I wanted.

Yes usually those are the silent issues, Just like the maximum bounds for visibility.