Particle collision with Box Collision does not work


I am having an issue with particle collision that I cannot work out. The effect that I am trying to achieve is quite simple: If the particles hit the collider, they should be killed.

So, I placed a collision in my blueprint but the particles (they are floating upwards) are not affected by it. I enabled “Simulation Generates Hit Events” on the collision box. The Particle Emitter has “Actor Collision” attached. I also increased “Max Collision Distance” to 5000, but no improvement. Anything else I need to enable?

I hope someone has an idea of what might be the issue. Thanks!

Quick update: I figured out that the collision does not work because the particle system and the collision box are in the same blueprint. Is there a clean way to use collisions without separating the collision box from the particle system?

Ok, found it. It can actually be seen in my screenshot already: Disable “Ignore Source Actor” flag.