[Particle] Collision don't work with Ribbon effect.

Hey, I follow this tutorial :
Then, I decide to custom this effect and add a collision but this isn’t working.

Thanks in advance.

Won’t work I’m afraid.

Particle Collision doesn’t actually have any real ‘collision’ as such (at least if you’re using the CPU Collision methods), they just use the centre of the particle. Even particles of huge scale will actually only ‘collide’ with a surface at the pivot point, so it only really works for small fast-moving objects.

In the case of ribbons, the ‘pivot’ of the ribbons is actually just the one particle, the trail geometry doesn’t have any pivots of its own so isn’t considered for collision. Unfortunately, you can’t use Ribbons on the GPU either and probably won’t be able to at least until Niagra is released.

Aww… okay.
And can I use it for the “Ribbon Source” ? (Sorry but you need to see the video to understand what I want mean).