Particle bounds not working


First question here as I generally like figuring things out myself, but this has been driving me crazy. So I converted some emitters from a particle system to gpu sprites to increase performance. Problem is that the particles are now disappearing when they get out of my view, which is problematic for the particle system that I am using. Anyway, that seems to be normal with gpu sprites and I read that this can be fixed by using a fixed relative bounding box. However, no matter what values I am using the particles are now actually disappearing when I actually try to look at them…Attached is a screenshot to show at what position I am still able to see the particles using the bounding box. If I move the camera to the left the particles disappear. Kind of the opposite of what happens when I don’t use a fixed relative bounding box.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong here? I’ve tried all kinds of values but nothing seems to work. I’m sure I’m overlooking something here…

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Edit: I should mention that of course the values in the screenshot are the other way around, but this was simply as a test to see if this would work. I have tried -10000 for min and 10000 max as well. Would be silly if that would’ve been the problem haha :slight_smile:

Well then. Naturally I’ve figured it out 5 minutes after posting, after having been stuck for over an hour. Was to be expected :stuck_out_tongue:

So apparently you have to click on the little arrow next to “bounds” at the top and click on “set fixed bounds”. Then you can change the values and actually see the bounds aswell (was wondering why I couldn’t see them in the preview).

If anyone’s stuck with the same problem then I suggest doing that.