Particle attached to character changing position depending on where I'm looking

I have a particle that’s set to follow my character when it’s doing a dash move. It looks fine when my camera is facing the back or front of my character and I activate the ability, and spawn the particle at a socket on the character. However when I’m looking at the character from left or right side and activate it, it will spawn the emitter alongside the character, not where it’s supposed to be on the socket.

Any idea why this is happening? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Can you show the code for the spawn, and how it locates the socket?

Sure, here’s a screengrab.

@SE_JonF Hmmm, that looks pretty solid. I’m thinking that the PS is not producing from it’s own center outwards, if you see what I mean. In other words, I’m wondering if you might need to check your PS is centered with respect to itself…

I’ll double check it, but I’m quite certain it is. Whats weird is like I said this only happens when it spawns while looking at the right or left side of the character. When looking front/back view and the effects spawn it’s accurate.

how it locates the socket?
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