Particle animation cuts off/Disappears abruptly and randomly?


Sometimes I noticed that particles act randomly and make up their own rules during gameplay moments.

Ex. I have an explosion particle setup within which i have a shock wave mesh that expands and is supposed to slowly fade out.

The explosions seem to work fine but the shockwave effect sometimes does the following:

1 - It either expands halfway in scale to where I had it scaled out initially in the settings.

2 - It expands and does not fade out but just abruptly disappears

3 - It scales and expands much faster than what i had intended and tested inside the editor.

Is there a setting that i’m missing?

I just need to lock the scaling and fading out so that it does the exact same movement with the exact same speed at all times.

Is this related to any fluctuations in Framerate (even though the framerate seems stable, but if so can I have fixed framerate of the particles? Will that solve it?

Sorry for so many questions I’m just trying to troubleshoot and find solutions all at the same time, it’s like the whole thing is unpredictable. every time the particle behaves differently.