Parent blueprint for pickupable items works 1st time, doesn't 2nd

I’ve been trying to create a blueprint that will allow me to pickup any item that has it set as a parent:

It’s based on VR Template BP_PickupCube:

Idea is as follows:
Pickup: Put key variables in temp storage, loop through all components, disable simulate physics on all Primitive Components, attach it to the controller.
Drop: Disable physics on all Primitive Components, detach yourself from parent.

Problem though is that I can pick it up, drop, but when I attempt to pick it up again - nothing happens.

I spent almost 2 days trying to debug it, and have no idea what’s the problem. It seems to be loosing track of Components after they are dropped, but I have no clue how to redeem it & make the whole thing work…

Anyone can help out?

I think the problem here lies with the physics simulation is moving the actors location but the representation you are seeing is different. All I see if a root scene component, how is it displayed in game?

Assuming that you perhaps have a Static mesh? Perhaps the mesh is simulating physics whereas the actor component you are grabbing is not and therefore, the mesh is one position, the actor you want to grab however is actually somewhere else entirely?

Need more details on the setup of the actor being picked up as a scene component root can’t be the end result… can it?

It is extremely hard to find it out with tge blueprint you shared. But i th8nk you might have made a mistake in the callflow of dropping and item. Is tge detachfromactor BPwritten by you ? can you share some part of the code and the general logic ?

Ps : by drive class you mean drived from BP Interface, yes ?

NukePie - in the game DefaultSceneRoot is not displayed at all. It doesn’t even have a simulate physics option.

Here is a setup of my actor being picked up:


No scripts, just a single Static Mesh Component (Sphere) without simulate physics. As soon as I enable Simulate Physics it’s impossible to pick it up. You are right - simulate physics is causing it to be impossible to pick up. But I have no clue why or how to prevent it from happening.

In BP_PickupCube from VR Template scene root is the Mesh itself, and it’s working fine, so I presume that in my scene I’m picking up the invisible root, while Sphere stays where it is.

DetatchFromActor is the exact copy from VR Template blueprint BP_PickupCube, which is working fine. What I added is the loop before it that’s suppose to reenable Simulate Physics for every Static Mesh Component. And yes, it does have an inherited Pickup Actor Interface (otherwise I wouldn’t be able to pick it up at all). See also the other response - it shed some light on a problem.