Parameter Collection per Instance?

Hi there.

I have a Parameter Collection “Wetness” which controls the wet-look of my materials.
Is there a possibility to create an “instance” of this Collection and “bind” it to the materials of my character?

You’re better off using material instances instead. Parameter collections are designed as a global variable. for per-instance variation you should be using standard material instance parameters.

The Thing is, that I have to Change “wetness” for every single material of my character.
If I use a Collection, I just have to Change this Parameter and it affects all materials at once.

You can’t do that no, parameter collections are a per-world object which is what makes them quick to read from etc.

One thing you could simply do is add items to the MPC that are considered unique but act as global modifiers to single assets.

Ie you can still have global “Wetness” in the MPC, but then consider adding “Wetness Adjustment - Character A”
Then you personally enforce the rule that only Character A reads that value. And then in the material for that character maybe you end up using “Wetness + WetnessAdjustmentCharacterA” so your character can still respond to the global value with a minor local offset if need be. I have done things like this before and as long as you don’t get too carried away with complex combinations it can be pretty useful.

Or have all instances of a character’s material be parented to one ‘main’ material instance, and just change the wetness there. That way all the children of that material instance get the same effect.