Parallax Self Shadowing issues

Hello Community! I’m trying to do parallax mapping and I want to have self shadowing. Baked shadows don’t work (quite obviously), but dynamic shadows do. However, the stone surface generated by the parallax, will not pruoduce shadows on itself. Is there a way to do this?

That’s what I have, and I want something more like:

Where the rocks have very strong directional shading.

Is this done with some sort of differently-executed normal maps? I can’t seem to find a solution anywhere!!!

Here is the node setup: Screenshot - eb75b0989bfb079352b0707a1258110b - Gyazo

Sorry for low rez, as well as for being a noob…

I believe you need to multiply the Base Colour by the ‘Shadow’ output pin from the POM node.

Thank you so much! I’ll try this out…

You can use a Lerp node to lerp the shadow from your specified brightness level to 1 before the multiply: this way, your shadows won’t appear pitch black.