Parallax Occlusion materials and Forward rendering

Parallax Occlusion materials have some issues with the forward shading option; It generally works, but it then has some “greasy” artifacts on the materials in the level.


Hi ,

This post from Daniel on the forums pretty much sums up where Forward Rendering is with regards to 4.13.

Forward rendering in 4.13 is super
early, only the first checkin of many
really, and not ready for general use.
That’s why it’s not being announced in
this release. I expect it will be
ready for use in 4.14.

The only things working in 4.13 are
the actual forward rendering of
multiple lights, with dynamic shadows
from stationary lights on opaque. No
MSAA (which is the whole point of
forward), no significant performance
gains, no blended reflection captures,
no shadow receiving on translucency or
even support for translucency lighting

Once this moves towards 4.14’s release and is an announced feature we can start adding tickets for issues like this if they are still occurring. Until then it’s still heavily in development and is not expected to work correctly in all instances.

Thank you!


Oh man, thanks, dont know how i missed that comment! So, i’ll wait for 4.14 then and bombard you with issues when the time comes :wink:

Many Thanks!