Some of you probabaly noticed.
I can’t even begin to speculate what is it going to be, but my bet is on Third person shooter. (hopefully that is!) :smiley:

Yep, I think it will be a tps game → something like gears of war
So guns, explosions, shooting,…as in nearly all other games made by epic :smiley:

Very unlikely, but probably it could also be a mmorpg… ^^

We have first person shooter - Unreal Tournament, third person shooter - Fortnite… soo, my bet is… SECOND PERSON SHOOTER! :wink:
But seriously - I hope it something like GunZ/S4League on steroids with badassity from Epic :slight_smile:

Made my selection , ticked the beta , being hopefull, need a new gpu anyway :slight_smile:

For some reason that web page reminds me of bulletstorm. Waiting with 4 eyes :cool:

I’m curious on what will be, interested :slight_smile:

Interested by the hair shader of the character. I hope we will have soon some info about it.

This seems interesting, looking forward to hearing more about it. =)

Have no clue what you’re talking about; guess I’m no true gamer anymore.
I though the news of the day were Actiblizzard wasting 6B buying out Candy Crash…

Oh ok, found it; it’s a ‘Deus-Ex’ visual style game… but no glasses.

I saw a audio-less video on Facebook that was about 30 seconds long with the title Paragon, that was shared by Unreal Engine. The video just showed a character. Is this what you are all talking about?

Nevermind, I just saw it in the UE4 launcher, I think that it will be awesome to see what will be made!

Ah I just noticed the launcher tab. I must say it’s cool to see them integrate their titles into that. =)

Agree, do you think in the future the launcher will have a sort of store for games? It have marketplace as a base system.

I mean, actually ARK have a link to Steam, could be Epics will sell his games directly via launcher.

It looks like another MOBA / shooter hybrid. I’m really hoping that’s not the case, because I honestly couldn’t care less if it is.

But it is :confused:
Blizzards just released another Team Fortress game as well, with Moba gimmicks. Story repeats itself as always…

They just took the thirdperson template and added some of SF and the realistic gun content. Paragon AAA 59.99$ AHHAHA :smiley:
jus kiddin

I’m really disappointed as well. Hoped for a single-player experience with believable characters. I know these kind of games are more of a risk, but they are far more interesting I think.

EDIT: That being said. Since the release is already set for early 2016, there is hope Epic has something else in the pipe :smiley:

More character reveals are up. The new shading models for hair, cloth and eyes look absolutely fantastic!

Same here man.

Hope Epic makes a singleplayer game again.

These characters look incredible! Can’t wait to find out more. =)