Paragon hair material screenshot?

Hello nice epic people :slight_smile:

Could we please get a screenshot of sparrows hair material please (flutters eyelids).

You showed it briefly in the video, but some parts were too far out to be able to see what was going on.

(The explanations for each of the input maps were great though).

There is something like this coming sometime in the future:

Sure, an asset would be great.

But in the mean time… a screenshot takes all of 20 seconds to take and upload here on the forum :wink:

Seeing how a “few weeks” has been a few months now, perhaps we the community can deduce what the makeup of the material is just by looking at the bits we could see in the video…

No really, maybe we can figure it out :slight_smile:

Here’s what I captured from the video:



And of course what would a good discussion about hair be without finding a way to squeeze in some bad puns?

Bump… :slight_smile:

Mods please ban for pun related offences, things got pretty hairy in here for a while.

Oops, didn’t mean to inFRINGE on the forums rules :wink:

Please don’t PERMaban me!

If I were a mod, I would ban you, ioFlow :slight_smile: 1 month/bad pun

Look at this gorgeous workflow in Blender for poly strip hair:

Imagine how good that would look in UE4 if we had that hair material…

hint hint, nag nag…

Sorry hair today gone tomorrow

hmmm… I wonder if anyone from epic has uploaded a screenshot for that material yet…

whaaaaa? noone?

The really weird thing for me is that this request would be one of the easiest jobs in the world.

Open material, make screenshot, post on forum.

Normally epic are so good about sharing stuff to encourage the community, it’s really out of character for them to be so tight lipped about this :\


It’s nice but it’s not the same as sparrows hair =P

The dither dissolving, the parallax blending of intersecting hair cards… these are all thinks I’d love to see in more detail.

flutters eyelids

(not that me fluttering my eyelids could in any way be construed as motivating)