Paragon announce trailer vs actual gameplay


The other day I was watching the announcement trailer of Paragon and realised that it looks significantly better. There is nothing special in that, all the games do this, but the difference here is that it could be broken down for the mortal livings to understand the actual differences and performance cost between the two. :slight_smile:


The first thing I see is the lack of texture mip mapping and LODs, that’s quite obvious. But the lighting seems to be so much better too, I would really like to know how they’ve done it and if it is achievable for less experienced companies too, or you know, you just need to be epic. :wink: Atm, we are working on a documentary animation and I’m pretty sure we could benefit from these kind of things as the performance isn’t an issue for us.

Btw the game still looks amazing, keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


On my pc it looks much closer to image 1, (except additional fog). Lighting is not identical but very similar. Obviously, game on second image have 50-70% of full resolution, some other video options also may be lowered

I think optimization most of the times includes downgrading some effects, and we know optimization is always a necessity. The fog does look a lot better on the left image, but the right image is still beautiful.

Yura_s, that sounds interesting. I thought they would run a gameplay trailer on max settings. Could you take a few screenshots from your game? I’m particularly interested in the lighting as it seems to be a completely different GI solution. Maybe proper high res IBL?

50% resolution Dropbox - File Deleted
100% resolution Dropbox - File Deleted (don’t forget to zoom it to 100% in browser) . Not sure why there are no particles near the tree, I saw them, definitely. Maybe I should be closer or they didn’t spawn in first seconds of the game.

The Cinematic/Trailer uses the ingame assets according to the LiveStream talking about the characters in Paragon.

with 5 LODs. Another difference with first two screenshots is light angle. On the first image sun is somewhere behind us, in the second - in front, that’s why buildings looks much darker. I’m pretty sure - GI solution is the same.