Paper2d | Why the edges are pixelated?

Hello my masters!
I have a problem. I’ve a 2dPaper Character. I don’t want him to look pixelated. In the original picture look’s right, but in game, his outline looks pixelated.

Is like the pixels with alpha in the border, turns absolutely solids.
I can’t change “Mip Gen Settings”. It’s on “No Mipmaps”.
How can I smooth the texture?

Thanks for your time!

The pixelation is happening inside the sprite as well as at the edges (look at the lines on the shirt, for example). What is the texture resolution? Are the textures being compressed?

Thanks for answering. It’s not a great resolution, but it doesn’t look like in the editor.

Resolution: 650 x 450
Compression Settings: Default(DXT1/5, BC1/3 on DX11)

Can the distance from the camera have anything to do with it or something like that?

DXT is lossy, and packs images into 4x4 boxes with paletted colors.

Try setting the texture group to “2D Pixels (unfiltered)” and the compression to “UserInterface2D (RGBA)”; you can also set the Mip settings to “From Texture Group”

You can also set these by right-clicking on the texture asset in the content browser; going to Sprite Actions->Apply Paper2D Texture Settings. This can be done en masse to all your sprite textures if needed.

You may have to adjust for a much larger memory footprint from your sprites to maintain the quality you desire. If you need to use compression to meet memory limitations, you can try expanding the Compression rollout and changing the Compression Quality setting.

Thanks! Solved! I 've done what you said and I changed the “Masked Unlit Sprite Material” to “Translucent Unlit sprite Material”

RIght on, I’m glad you’re happy with the results.

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