Paper2D + VR Incompatability - Alternative Suggestions?

In 4.20 due to translucency optimizations in instanced stereo, Paper2D sprites no longer have any method to render in VR on both eyes. In fact, using only translucency for every single sprite in VR is incredibly costly in the first place.

My options here are poorly limited, but was wondering if anyone have a 2nd best suggestion to these alternatives:

  1. Turn off Instanced Stereo - my game will only have ~500 draw calls max at once, with no complicated shaders. Occasionaly there are scenes with ~2000 draw calls but with incredibly cheap meshes and materials. Something in the back of my mind is telling me this is a very back idea, though.

  2. Create a default master masked material and create billions of instances to swap out the base sprite, and slap these on to Plane meshes. The largest issue with this is that I lose all animation support from Paper2D; would have to create my own sub-par simple animation playing functions within the material.

If anyone knows any Paper2D alternative that renders sprites differently in VR, yet also have animation support, please let me know!

I have the exact same issue. Paper2D only rendering on left eye. Originally developed for the deferred renderer (no instanced stereo) because the scene was very simple.

I’d be interested, too, to hear a solution!

Sorry, this was meant as a comment, not an answer.