Paper2D Sprites flickering


I am using some sprites in my game, I have noticed that some are flickering on the edges. Why its happening, is it bug? It is the same on PC and Android.


Any idea please?

Double click on the sprite to edit it. Click on ‘Edit Render Geom’ (tab at the top right). Move the edges of the box in just a pinch (might have to make some new vertices here and there using shift-click if you don’t want to lose any of the picture). Save the sprite and the flickering should be gone.

What’s happening is that the sprite is actually repeated on all sides (which you can see if you move the render edges outward), and so you’re catching the edge of the repeated sprite.

If anyone still challenging with this problem; just add edges in photoshop around the sprites, and the problem will gone… Sprite bound should remain same in the engine, but just add for example 2 pixel stroke in photoshop, than overwrite the file…

For anyone having the issue and finding this old thread as I did, I realised you can solve this without altering the sprite manually or adjusting render geometry. Just double-click the texture that the sprite is based on and change the X and Y axis tiling method in the properties from ‘wrap’ to ‘clamp’.