Paper2d projects do not remember viewport options regarding lit/unlit/wireframe

Everytime i fire up my project unreal insists on rendering everything as"wireframe" regardless the last saved option.

Hello ,

What version of the Engine are you running?

To clarify, you are saying even when you exit your project in ‘Lit’ mode. Upon restarting you are seeing wireframe, even after saving your layout?


Yes that is exactly what i am saying. Please download from here a test project for another problem that i am having and test it. Thank you.

Forgot to tell you that this only happens if you have your camera set to “front”

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The link for the project has been deleted or moved. Is there another way to reproduce this issue?


Nothing special here though.Just a normal paper2d starter project that has “front” saved as its default camera.Now with this setting saved every time you restart the project the system always reverts to “wireframe” Nothing game breaking here but it is a bit irritating nevertheless :slight_smile:

Hey ,

This issue has been made aware to the developers with the ticket UE-7667.

We appreciate you taking the time to point this out as it helps us improve our user experience with the Engine.