Paper2D: Problems with pixelated sprites

Hi everyone!

I’ve been doing these days the 2D Side-Scroller tutorial but something strange happens with the sprites. They look pixelated when I load them on the editor and when I hit play. However, they return to normal once I open the folder which contains the sprites. Here are some pictures to illustrate the problem:

Above the content folder is a capture of the gameplay, the character looks pixelated.

But when I open the Character folder, in which the sprites are stored, it returns to normal. But still the spikes at the left of the character are pixelated.

But if I open the folder with the spikes sprites…

This problem happens too in the Viewport in the Blueprint of the character. I have my engine quality settings in medium and have setted the Filter of the spritesheet texture from which I extracted the sprites, but still the same results. I don’t know what else to do :frowning:

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Toggle “Never Stream” on in your sprite textures properties. Let us know if that fixes your problem.

Hi Achilleon, thank you very much for your help; it worked like a charm! :smiley: