[Paper2D] Limting Post Process Effect to Sprite?

I currently got this effect:


But I would like to limit it to just around the Sprite itself.
Is this possible? And how would I even achieve that?

No one got anything? :c

Custom depth maybe? I’m uncertain if it will work will with paper 2d but it’s the best I can think of right of the bat. Let me do some more research.

Custom Depth?
Can you even apply that to a Post Processing Volume?

Here is some documentation:

You can apply custom depth to an object, this puts it in a separate depth buffer, allowing you to mask a post-process so it only effects the object.

Okay thanks, I will have a look at that!

I looked into the documentation you sent me, but I couldn’t extract the needed information from reading it ._.

Anyone got a clue on how to limit the post processing effect to just the sprite?
Or would I have to set a material to achieve the desired effect?

Hi there again. I’ve figured out that basics for using custom depth to develop a mask that you can use for.

You’ll need to enable “Render Custom Depth” int the actor’s Rendering options, this works on both paper sprites and meshes. I then threw together an example of how to make a basic mask for the post-process material, it’s likely to need a little tweaking to achieve your desired look, I’ve only done the basics here of show you you can make something that could be used as a mask using custom depth.