Paper2D FPS Problems on an 2 years old computer

Hey guys!

I’m currently sticking around with Paper2D but I experience some lag on one of my “older” computers. I have no problems on my current rig (GTX 670, Xeon E3-1230 v3) and Nexus 5. This “older” !laptop! has a i3 processor, a GTX 4XXM graphics card and runs with Windows 7. I write “older”, because I bought this laptop 2 years ago and it wasn’t even that cheap. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this a problem with Paper2D/UE4 in general? Because I wouldn’t use the UE4 for my 2D games when the player needs to handle these FPS just because he has a computer that’s 2 years old.

The FPS is around 14 FPS and the art style is very basic 64x64 pixel art. I maxed out the graphics, because otherwise the pixel art assets get very blurry and ugly.

Just one more problem: I have no opportunity to test it right now, because the laptop is approximately 27 miles away from me. So i’ll write down your suggestions and try them out as soon as possible!