Paper2D Flipbooks Cast Shadow doesn't update properly

I started prototyping things with paper2D and ran into an issue with Unreal Engine 5 Early Access 2.
When I set my flipbook to cast a shadow in UE 4.27 everything works fine and the shadow updates when the frames on the flipbook update, however in UE5 EA2 this is not the case.

The shadow does cast but it seems like it’s stuck and doesn’t know when to update. It only updates when I move the flipbook around or move the camera around a lot.
It always feels like it’s lagging behind and doesn’t know what to do.

I though this was related to lumen, however even turning off lumen and going back to the old lighting solution doesn’t seem to fix this issue, so it is probably related to something else.

Would be awesome if this will be fixed for the full release since everything else regarding paper 2d I tried so far still seems to work (even though the starter template was removed)

Video Footage of the issue:

I made another project in UE 4.26 and finished building my scene.
After that I upgraded the project to UE 5 EA2 and now there are no issues, regardless of if lumen is on or off.

So I assume it might be something in the default UE5 settings, that is set to a different value in a project that is converted from 4.26 → 5 rather than a completely new UE5 project?