Paper2D Dynamic lighting?

Is this possible? It would really add some atmosphere to it. Is there a tutorial? Something like a fire lighting effect.

Just apply a lit material to the sprite and it’ll work as you’d expect. There is a set of lit permutations in the plugin folder (opaque lit, masked lit, translucent lit). You need to enable show plugin content in the CB view options ‘eyeball’ menu to see the Paper2D folder, but you can make your own materials as well (just use a Sprite Texture Sampler node).

Michael Noland

I cannot find them.

How to find the built in ones:

Making your own:


Michael Noland

This is a material you make right? And then apply a sprite to it? Can you give me a tutorial? I’m a new comer to game making.

For general info on materials, check out Zak’s series on them: Introduction to Materials | v4.0 | Unreal Engine - YouTube

For Paper2D overall: Introduction to Paper2D | v4.4 | Unreal Engine - YouTube

There aren’t any tutorials that I can find on enabling “Show Plugin Content”, but you can do that anywhere that you can pick an asset (either in the Content Browser or the pop up menu of the material picker in the details panel) by clicking on the button that looks like an Eyeball.

To get started, you can just apply one of the built in materials like MaskedLitSpriteMaterial. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can make a copy of that asset into your project and then edit it in order to change the properties.

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Not sure if this will embed or not, but here’s a GIF of enabling the ‘Show Plugin Content’ option and picking one of the lit sprite materials in the Flipbook Editor. The principle is exactly the same in the Sprite Editor.

[edit] Nope, can’t upload it. Posted it to Twitter @

After I pick the texture I’m moving the preview light around by holding L and left-click-dragging the mouse.

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Hey Miachael,

I ended up with the issue as described above in the link. I have no clue why its happened :confused:

I have setup 2 point light sources. Also i am using 3d cubes. They work just fine in Perspective but not in Orthographic. Also the shadows are rendered correctly.

Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to use lights on a paper 2d tile map? When I use a masked deafult lit paper material on the 2d tile map terrain it renders find when i play in the editor or a standalone window, but when publish my project the 2d tilemap is not being rendered.
has anyone had this issue?

I’m currently having this issue Mozzy.

I’m also wondering if it is possible to lightmap the results, whilst keeping some lights dynamic like a regular scene. But because there are no 2nd channel UVs like a model would have, I think it won’t work without some wizardry.

Thinking of starting a new thread asking about my issues with mobile static lighting on the tilemap too because it also doesnt render the alpha nor the tiles (but i can see the shapes).

The issues with lighting not working correctly on tile maps and grouped sprites have been addressed in 4.13 (incorrect normals were being generated under a lot of circumstances).

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Hey, @RennJan!

I’m kinda resurrecting an old thread here.
Have you (or any other person, lol) came up with any ideas about how to use Static lights + Sprites?
Stationary or Dynamic are pretty expensive in my application, however no matter how I try, my lit sprite material does not reflect static lights.

Anyone figuired out how to do shadows with orthographic??

Hi, I don’t know if this would help anyone looking at this thread, but my maskedLitSpriteMaterial’s kept rendering as black in play mode till I learnt to build the lighting data first - Lighting not the same while in edit mode versus play mode. - #4 by DotCam