Paper2d: Bug when building lighting with a Tile Map

I have not been able to build lighting with tile map due to a bug that keeps crashing my engine every time I do.
I deleted everything one by one to find out what the problem with building light was, and when I finally deleted the tile map I was able to build lighting no problem.

At first I thought it could’ve been my custom material with normals for the floor because I was using a sprite normal maker and wanted a reflected floor for specific tiles. so I tested it with its normal (when created via the right click and choose tilemap commands) sprite material as well and still the same issue came up.(engine crashed.)

I was curious if this is a known issue and is currently being worked on?

Thank you for your time,
Alex Batista

When I build lighting with an EMPTY tile map it builds no problem.

Hey Demoneyejin,

I was able to confirm what you are reporting here and went ahead and entered a bug into our system, UE-18132. As for when this bug will be fixed and implemented I cannot say currently, but we are working hard to resolve these types of crashes and get them pushed to upcoming releases.