Paper2D Broken Pixel question

Hello. I am not sure this is right forum to ask (I usually ask help in C++Programming when I am being stuck), but I really need help for graphic!

I have been developing 2D Pixel singleplayer game like Final Fantasy.

the problem is… pixels…

You see? my sprite Paper2D have broken pixel… (filtered?) meanwhile just plain 2D texture (even though I fiddled a bit) in UMG look close to my original pixel

I have been fiddling with the current camera and my sprite. I cannot find which option matters about these broken pixel…

Anyone can help me with pixels… please?

I must use Paper2D because there has been a lot of animations from each sprite… these broken pixel is too disturbing for me to progress further.

I am patiently waiting for your reply meanwhile I do programming.

p.s. I did googling and set My sprite texture as Nearest Filter, but still same… hmm… any suggestion?