Paper2D and engine performance requirements


With the introduction of Paper2D it seems UE4 has some focus on less graphically intensive games. However, the current renderer can be quiet heavy on low end hardware even with no objects on screen (in the editor).

Some days ago I played with the forward renderer currently used for mobile, with some success (much faster). However it seems that it still needs work.

I read in another topic that Epic doesn’t want to have 2 different renderers as it’s too expensive to maintain, some my questions are:

  1. are we supposed to ask gamers to have mid-to-high end hardware in order to play a simple 2D platformer game?
  2. Is UE4 the wrong choice for, let’s say, a 2D platformer like Braid or Rayman?
  3. Will there be any (short or mid term) efforts to address this “problem”?