Paper-like Cel Shading Help


I’m pretty new to Unreal Engine 4, and I don’t understand the lighting engine/post-processing effects too well. I’m trying to achieve a black and white look for my project.

Basically, the only palette is black and white (#FFFFFF & #000000). Shadows produce a pitch black, white produces bright white. Objects in light have a black cel-shading style outline, and objects in shadows have halftone black and white gradient outline.
Perhaps also for lighter shadows a hex code of #7F7F7F.

I hope I explained this well, and thanks for your help in advance


P.S. This is my first forum post so sorry for anything I did wrong :slight_smile:

i dont know how to do outlines yet, but black and white is pretty simple
change the commented value to make your scene lighter or darker, and set desaturation to 1.

This might not be exactly what you’re going for, but what you can do is create two separate post process materials–one for white outlines, and another for Myxomorph’s black and white effect–and combine them in a post process volume. There are quite a few tutorials on creating outlines in Unreal. Here’s one that’s for UE3/UDK, but translates perfectly to UE4.