Paper 2D TileMap issue when using Blueprint

I am creating a 2D sidescroller. I am having an issue with Blueprints and TileMaps.

I wanted my roof to colloide with the floor over a period of 5 seconds during which the player has to run through it.

I have created a simple 75*10 TileMap and a Blueprint class in which my roof tile moves towards floor.

Whenever I restart the Unreal Editor, I can only see triggers of my Blueprint class and not the tiles in the ViewPort and the tiles also do not appear when I play the game.

But if I remove and add the blueprint again each time, it is displayed properly in the ViewPort and also in the game.

Can anyone tell me why is this happening? Is there a problem with the spawining because I have already tried replacing and creating each one from scratch again?

What does the code for spawning and moving the roof tiles look like?

Thanks for replying

I have not used the code but dragged the blueprints into the viewport.

I had the issue for almost 3 weeks and I read many forms and saw videos related to Paper 2D but it seems that it is a bug in UnrealEngine.

After trying hard, I found that each time I restarted the Unreal Engine, each blueprint with one or more TileMap lost the reference to my TileMaps and instead they pointed to a PaperTileMapComponent.

So, I have to manually reset the reference back to my TileMaps.

You can replicate this on your system by creating an actor blueprint and then adding a TileMap in the blueprint.

I found the same issue in the following thread