Paper 2D - Platformer Game Template

Like my previous series of tutorials, the main goal was to emphasise some of the simple aspects of game design and what is referent to as “game feel”. On top of you’ll also end up with a project to act as a great foundation for your own project.

This is the playlist on youtube.

All of the assets I provide for the series can be found here and will be updated accordingly.

Series Difficulty
Beginner - Intermediate. I like to try to keep things simple so that anyone can follow along. I also make sure that I detail everything I do during the video so that there are no off camera moments that would mean sections of Blueprints are missed and stop projects from working.

I hope to try and help as many people as possible with these series so I didn’t want to wait until the project was complete as I did last time before I start sharing it around, although I’m now about mid way through… I will be backdating some posts here with the old videos whenever I get the chance.

Feedback is always welcome, positive feedback especially :wink:

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Here we go then first video:

Video Two:

Don’t know if this will begin to count as spam towards my own thread, so here’s a few videos…


And 5:

Nice Stuff. Clear Instructions. Always good to see beginner unreal tutorials :slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s been fun making them so far too.

Ok here’s a few more.

Video 6:


and 8:

Next three below.



and #11

Almost there


And #15

#16 here:

And #17

Hey, I just wanted to apologise to anyone that may have been watching along with this series weekly as you’ve probably noticed a gap in content for a few weeks. In short I’ve been having problems with my internet provider and therefor been unable to upload anything. I’ve found a way that should allow me to start uploading again temporarily and then get it back to normal early August when the service is returned. I should still be able to answer questions but just with a slight delay :smiley:

Hi! Great tutorials! HARD to find but great! Would be awesome to have some sort of AI enemy tutorial ! Probably just a simple state machine (idle, alert, shoot to player and follow player)

Hey thank you. I’m really interested in what you mean by hard to find? Hard because of how I’ve named them or do they just not come up very high in the search results? If it’s the latter then it’s just because I’d need more views, likes etc for YouTube to deem them worthy of being seen :p.

I’ll definitely keep that in mind and see if I can work some AI into the platformer.

And #18 is up!

Haha because of the name! You really need to add “2D” in the tittle! And you are definitely worthy! Best 2D platformer tutorials on YouTube! (“Wazza’s” 2D tutorials are good too but he makes everything with Tick events! So, you are on top ;))
Keep up the awesome work! (y)

Ha I see what you mean, I use the “2D” connected with the word “Paper”. I will go back through and find a way to improve the titles, thanks for that. I’ve not seen Wazza’s stuff yet though I’ll check those out now, the only other 2D content I’d seen up to now was the live training provided by Epic.

Thanks for the great feedback too, all useful stuff to know.

Tut #19 now up and ready here.

Tut #20 up and running. *This is a recap of the ladder setup to make some tweaks and improvements.

Tut #21. *Back to our pick ups, two in one day, aren’t I kind :stuck_out_tongue:

#22 is up.

Starting the damage system section.