Paper 2D lighting issues

I have created a 2D platform game level and changed the materials to MaskedLitSpriteMaterial to use lights in the level, but the lighting will only work with the directional light for the orthographic camera. All of the light work with the perspective camera , but not with the orthographic camera? Any ideas on how I can get them to work with the orthographc camera.

can you post a screenshot of your level setup?

Here are some images of the player setup with the camera, the background with the material settings, and the game play with lights.

BackGround image with the materials set to Masked Lit

Player with camera set to perspective

Game Play using the perspective camera showing the lights working (there is a point light in the level and on the player.

Player setup using the orthorgraphic camera.

Game play with the orthographic camera and nothing is working with the point lights.

Game play with orthographic camera and using the direct light in the level.

As you can see the only light that is working with the orthographic camera is the direct light, but I want to have the point light and the spot light to use in the game using the Orthographic Camera and not the perspective camera.
The level is using the 4.17.2 version.

Thanks for pointing me to that.