Paper 2D Emissive Sprite for sword

First of all i must say i’m pretty noob on this rendering part, i know only the basic of the basic. So, lets begin. The main character in my game will have some sort of “magical sword”. The sword will have some sort of glowing effect on the blade like this :

(see the link , it’s not animated here.)

I can change the material of the sprite to have some glowing effect, however, the first problem i have is this annoying glow on the screen :


Normal sprite for reference


The second problem is : Since i’m not working with 3d modelled objects, i can’t assign a material to the blade and one for the sword handle, this means the entire sword will glow.
The third problem is : Since i’m basically using an emissive color for the material, i can’t achieve such “in and out” effect on the glow.
How can o solve all those problems?