Paper 2D Cast shadows and Lighting problems

Hello everyone!

I’m having fun with Unreal and Paper 2D, and I have two little problems:

My first problem is with a sprite (a flipbook with the material set to the default one) that doesn’t cast shadow:

Here the box casts a shadow, but not the Luigi
I tried to tick the ‘Cast Shadow’ checkbox in the Lighting property but that failed :slight_smile:

Maybe this is related but when I switch off the Point Light, both sprites are still visible with a powerful halo of light:

I tried some techniques from but without success

Have anyone some kind of idea? (I tried my best to let all the options to defaults on Textures (I used Configure for retro sprites & Extract Sprites), Sprites and Flipbooks)

Thank you very much!


I’m a future people like you! thank you !

I’m necroing this to also say thank you, it worked like a charm!