Panoramic Export (HDR -> JPG)

Hey guys,

Right now I’m working on a Panoramic Video exporter using the Export Object Plugin. This works great, but using the Cube Render Target for each eye only seems to export HDR files, which is a problem because these files are being uploaded across a server, and they are far too large and I’m saving them for every frame. I’m hoping to find a way to export/convert these to JPG files or such in engine, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this.

So in short, I need a way to export/convert my Cube Render Target textures from HDR to JPG somehow.

Can anyone help with this? If anyone need more clarification, just let me know what you need.

Update - To this point I have found no way of doing this and have had to reevaluate my project. Would still love to hear from any one with any ideas.

You can always convert the HDR images into JPEG after the engine spits them out. This is what we ended up doing. The problem with JPEG is specifying compression and quality. I think you can get PNGs out of the engine if you have the LDR capture enabled.