Panoramic Capture - Dynamic Shadow Bug

Hello, my team has recently been trying out the Panoramic Capture plugin for Unreal in order to take monoscopic 360° screenshots. We are running into an issue where a spherical shadow is projected below the BP_Capture object when we render out a shot.

I can’t seem to find out what’s causing it, having tried to tweak every setting on the blueprint. The only fix is to have fully static lighting or disable shadows from the directional light (not ideal for our different projects).

The bug is happening on two separate computers at the office, and across several different projects we’ve tested it in.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch new blank project with some starter content in version 4.27

  2. Install the panoramic capture plugin and restart editor

  3. Drop the BP_Capture actor into the Minimal_Default scene

  4. Play the game and take a panoramic screenshot

Result: An undesired shadow is seen on the floor underneath the BP_Capture actor.

Is there something obvious we are missing? The documentation and videos provided did not run into this issue.

UPDATE: When trying an alternate 360 shot method, I did catch the BP_Capture red-handed as he was taking a panoramic capture. There is a static mesh sphere that appears in its position. I’ve tried to delete, hide and scale down the sphere in the assets folder next to the BP_Capture, but it has no effect… still stumped.