Panoramic Archviz projects - How to do in UE4

Hi everyone. Exciting times we live in now with some of the things being developed in UE4! I recently saw this one on the Rift site -

The first project of this development was good, this one is just a series of panoramic images, as far as I can tell, linked together with the hotspots to navigate around the house. It would be a good half-way solution to be able to make an interior in vray or similar and then use the panoramic in Ue4 to get this result. I’m not sure though, maybe you need to build the whole thing in Ue4 to then be able to do this in the first place.

Does anyone know how you would go about creating such a thing in UE4?


Karl D

I assume what they did is shot an 360 degree image in 3DS Max (Vray physcial camera, spherical, override FOV) and then mapped it to a sphere.

When I looked at that project, It was exactly the same as the one where you can walk around (minus the walking)

I’m sure they have just made static cameras you can look around in the 3D scene, then added link hotspots. So it’s not rendering a 360 degree image, you are just in the scene.

You think a sphere solution would look as good and give the impression of depth? I guess there’s only one way to find out but I think you would feel like your looking at a flat texture wrapped around you a bit too much.

I think one of the giveaways that it might not be a whole 3d scene with a static camera is that when you have the rift on you really only have 360 headtracking but no forwards or backwards movement, you cant lean in and look at the sofa for example. I just cant figure out how you’d fix the problem of getting the stereo effect from a spherical texture. Maybe you have to render out 2x 360 degree sets of images, one for each eye, and then combine that in ue4 somehow… bit beyond my skill level at the mo but trying to figure it out.