Panoramic 360 in VR, disproportionate scale.

Saldations to all!
I have generated 360 panoramic images on the UE4 for viewing on VR glasses, and I’m seeing a problem with the scale of the displayed environment.
I observe that everything around me is greater than on the real scale, disproportionate.
Is there any technique to work around this problem?

how did you make it? i did a project on vr recently, with equirectangular uv map and a spherical asset, and i also noticed a little bit of stretching, but adjusting the fov of the camera can solve this for me

In order to generate a 360 panorama in the UE4, I positioned my camera at a point in an interior scene of a residential project, such as a room. I used a tutorial that executed a sequence of commands in level blueprint, what is your method? Did adjusting the camera fove solve the disproportion of the scale?