Panning a rotating texture (along a mesh)

Since a picture says more than words.

Now, This is something I noticed while playing “Tales of Berseria” and after watching it over and over again (should’ve record it) the only logical way they achieved this was by having a rotating disc texture that panned along the length of a mesh.
The panning along a mesh thing I can do with my eyes closed.

And obviously I know how to rotate a texture as well.

But… how would I go about having a texture rotating and panning along a mesh?
(preferable without the texture tiling)

I have tried a combination of rotators, panners, customUV’s, multiple UV channels… but so far all it ends up is either extremely warped, or just unbearable to watch.
Preferable though, I hope to get this going without the need of the custom shader node.

thoughts? any examples and advice would be really appreciated.

I originally made this as a part of a strobe effect travelling along a spline mesh. After throwing in a rotator it seems to be doing what you need:


thanks! will try this first thing tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!
Works like a good luck charm on a lucky day :slight_smile:

If I can ever repay the fav. let me know :slight_smile:
/me sends all my interwebs cookies and hugs.

Additionally, someone else was attempting the same thing at the same time but only had unity at hand:

He made one with and without custom node.

Very cool as well :slight_smile: