panning a dds cubemap

hey guys im looking to pan a dds cubemap i use for my skysphere at night time. is there a simple way to do this?
here’s a pic of how its set up, it;s just replacing the normal star texture from epic.
cheers in advance XD

Sure that one is pretty simple. You need to use a “Rotate About Axis”. Rotation Axis should be 0,0,1. Angle will be your time parameter multiplied down for the speed you want.

Position should be “reflection vector”. Then you need to add the result of the rotateaboutaxis to the “reflection vector” and plug that into your UVs.

Think of it like spinning a globe.

hey Ryan, Seasons greetings :smiley: thanks for taking time to help out over the holidays.
here’s how i set it up, it’s probably wrong hehe:

my texture gets warped around, i cant get the whole thing to spin, here’s a short vid of what it’s doing:

Most of it is right, except the part after the RotateAboutAxis node. Instead, you need an Add node there. In the A input, plug the RotateAboutAxis node. In the B, plug in Reflection Vector.

Awesome, thanks so much Ryan :smiley: