Panner time delay


Oh hell, you will start to hate me. So this screenshot above shows what a regular 3D Artist tried to do when he wants to add a simple time delay to a panning node.

I am not sure if i’m either too dumb…or the system is not supposed to be user friendly in any particular way. You know typical stadium banners, changing their content over time.

This is exactly what i try to achieve. So my thought: time delay + panner Y direction=1 + uv coordinate*0.5

(explanation: 1024 texture with two 1024x512 textures, panning in Y direction with a time delay. So texture part A is visible for 2-3 seconds…then panning to the next texture part B, then panning again)

Any idea how to deal with this? I don’t find any time delay node…and the rest is based on Gandalf’s vacation lectures.

I really tried…using any node that may sound or look like its supposed to make anything in sort of moving or time based actions.

You can control time by multiplying it with a constant. Create a constant1 and convert it to a parameter, then multiply Time with it. 0 stops the time, 1 plays in real time.

Hm, yes this gives the regular panning. This is working fine. My problem is to setup the time stop/delay in the material blueprint.
So panning for X seconds till the next picture on the UV is visible, stop for 2 seconds, panning again for x time till the next image is visible, stop again, endless loop.


This is what i got so far, panning works - now it needs to stop panning after X seconds for Y seconds and then starting again. An endless loop pan with stops.


In that case you can do something like this:


This setup does what panner node does but you have access to X and V parameters this way. Now you can use Pan X and Pan Y parameters in your scoreboard blueprint and animate it’s panning motion with a Timeline.

I think this is what you want.

For compactness, custom code box is: return (floor(t/p) + max(0,-1 + (1 + r)*frac(1 + t/p))/r)/n;
t is time.
p is period.
r is the ratio of time spent panning to time still.
n is the number of images to divide your texture into.

Wow, you both are crazy…in a very good way - i owe you something!

So far i used xnihil0zer0 solution first, it works partly. I had to add an small offset on my uv’s to make them fit. S592oJY.png

There is one little gap to solve there: It pans and stop pretty nicely - the only thing is that the picture “snaps” to the next.
Hm, how can i explain it best.
The pan starts with picture one, panning up to the middle of the next (3 seconds for example) and then already “snaps” to this picture.
The higher the number on the ratio is, the closer i get to the next picture frame but then its loosing the time stop, panning continually.

Atm i just let the pictures snap through like a flipbook, works too.

Will already try Jacky’s solution, too. Atm it’s just a simple material, no blueprint at all so i have to dig into timeline creation.
Never thought it’s that difficult, i really need to spend more time digging into blueprint programming.

Yeah, a ratio of 1 means equal time panning and still. Here’s what the function looks like with the parameters you’re using.
You may want to use an r more like 0.25. So of 5 second period 1 second is panning.

Edit: Also, you’re using a divide texture of 3, but then dividing 3 by 3. Look at my example. You should divide 1 by 3.

how to give blueprints for to slow down(slowly static position) the panner speed