Panner node as a parameter

I am trying to use the panner node in the material editor as a parameter in a instance, If is possible I need an instance with speed +Y and one with speed -Y, or the only option is to have two materials with this small difference.


This should suffice :slight_smile:
The scalar parameter can go from -x to x to change which direction it goes.

thanks for the answer seams working in the material editor, however when I enter the negative value my mesh just disappear. Any idea why is happening ?

O_o that shouldnt happen. can you show me your material setup?
And where you enter the negative value.

So this is my material and I have the parameter set to one

and when I move under one it change the opacity of the material.
instead if I select the texture in the picture and I start to preview, your node actually works.


I hope I was enough clear, if you need anything else just let me know.

haha, you have the same parameter connected to opacity. Thats the problem :stuck_out_tongue:
Rename that one, or give the panner one a proper name and problem solved!

Wow, I totally miss that I didn’t name opacity, well now I know to be really careful about names :D, thanks, you really help me out a lot. I would probably spend all day before notice that error.
By the way do you have a portfolio or something to check out your work?

I dont have a portfolio, most people seem to find me just fine without it.
My Luos’s cave pack is on the marketplace so thats a thing you can check out.

Also, be sure to set my answer as “answered” so epic can log it as finished :slight_smile: