Panner a texture along a world vector

Hi! I would like to panner a texture using as speed a direction vector in world, for example to pan a texture along the x-axis.
Is it possible? How would you approach that?
I edited the world aligned material to make it panning, but still that’s not what I want.

This gives me a world aligned texture, but speed of the panner is still based on uvs. How can I set that speed with a world vector instead of u and v speed?

Thank you!

I doing it by set some direction vector, then multiply it on time with speed, and get Frac from it’s X, Y and Z.
Append X with Y or with Z, depends on texture projection, and add this vector2 to uv’s. I my case uv’s is world position XY multiplied on scale.

Thank you for the answer!
I made this type of setup and it seems working, now I’ll set the direction with the blueprint and it should be ok.