Panini projection doesn't seem to do anything?

I’m trying to use panini projection on a high FOV output in 4.14, but setting r.upscale.panini.D to any value (ranging from 0-1 or > 1000, since the wiki article doesn’t actually say what values are supposed to go in there) doesn’t do anything, neither does setting r.upscale.panini.S. I tested in the editor and in a packaged build, to no avail. I played with r.ScreenPercentage, but nothin’. Am I missing something really obvious?

Thanks in advance!

Try r.ScreenPercentage.Editor 101 and r.Upscale.Panini.D 1 (or play a game in the editor and write r.ScreenPercentage 101)

Lhorkan, what kind of graphics card did you try the Panini effect on?
r.upscale.panini.D > 0 is working for me on one machine but not the other. 1080 vs. 980.