Panda's Freebies list!

Hello everyone!

We’ve decided to list all of our free assets in a simple list for you all to download!

Quick links:
Mastermind - Source and built
Advanced Third Person - Source
Sticky note (UMG) - Source
Tutorial “Structs, Enums and Datatables”](Structs, Enums and DataTables - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums)
Tutorial “First days with UMG”](
Tutorial “Casting between blueprints”](
Tutorial “Blueprints getting started”](Blueprinting: Getting Started tutorial(With video) - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums)
Snow Particle- Source

Detailed list:

Mastermind - Source and built
Mastermind recreated in Unreal Engine 4.10 is avaible for download in source and built version to play and discover! :slight_smile:


Advanced Third Person blueprint Template - Source
Want a bit more advanced template to work with when using Third Person? Use this download to have more features or learn from it!

Sticky note UMG- Source
Want to have Sticky notes in your game? Or want a very basic way to store some info for players? Then this could be useful to learn from!

Snow Particle - Source
Want to have a snow particle in your game? Here’s a free snow particle for you to download! :slight_smile:

Want to have tutorials on something from Unreal Engine? Look at the list which one you could use to learn from :slight_smile:

Casting and communication between actors, blueprints and UMG!

Structs, Enums and Datatables and how to use them in your project!

Getting Started with blueprints and everything you’d need to know to get started!

Getting started with UMG and what you’d need to know in order to get started and how to to basic functions with it~!

BUMP, cause spotlighted freebies are awesome!


Very Cool! Thanks For Sharing.:wink:

No problem :slight_smile: