Painting vertex colors on all LODs simultaneously ?

Is it possible to paint vertex colors on all LODs of the static mesh simultaneously ? (paining on LOD0, original mesh, would transfer appropriately to lower LODs automatically)


I don’t think you can since the ordering / indices of the vertex’s are different, so it wouldn’t know what to do on the lower lods.

You might be able to project the vertex colours down on the LOD’s in a 3D package though, if that’s any help. If I bothered to learn MaxScript (blergh) a few months ago I could have probably written a script for that by now…

The idea is/was to work in UE4 - generating LODs, painting colors, reprojecting them to lower LODs. I think it’s just more productive than doing it in 3D app, exporting, etc.

Probably painting on the highest LOD, then decimating with preservation of vertex colors is a way to do it, if UE4 supported that.

I am a bit confused since it should work like that. I Just tested it and it worked as expected. Here are the steps I took.

  1. Take hipoly rock from kite demo, put a material that shows “vertex colors” on emissive.
  2. Paint a big black dot on the mesh
  3. change ‘force LOD’ of mesh to view all LODs and see that the black dot is indeed in all of the LODs.

The black dot gets more polygon looking as the LODs increase but you shouldn’t have to repaint for multiple LODs as long as those LODs are present at the time the painting occurs.

What version is this working in?
in 4.12.5 this does not seem to work , and we are unable to paint on the lower LODs at all .
Forcing LOD Model 2 and above shows the vertcolor as pure white , even after paint filling with black on all channels.
however when hovering over with the vertex paint brush it is colorizing vertices as if they are black.

Could this have to do with how the LODs were imported ? we are exporting within a Level of Detail group so they are automatically imported rather then manually imported.

It works for me in 4.12.5