Painting Textures on UE4?

I followed this tutorial completely when it comes to making the material and I then added the material to my landscape but when I hold down Shift it does not paint? What am I doing wrong? How do I get to paint the texture to my landscape? UE4 Tutorial: Vertex Painting (AAA Games) - YouTube

I don’t think you can do vertex painting on the landscape. This tutorial is for painting on a mesh.

You need to make a landscape material if you want to paint if on the actual landscape, I’m afraid…

How would I go about doing that? Couldn’t I just add that same material to the landscape to be able to paint on it?

You can put vertex material on a mesh, but it needs to be landscape material on the landscape ( correct me if I’m wrong someone… )

This is not the end of the world though… A lot of developer never use landscape material, the landscape is often just a large mesh.

So it’s up to you :slight_smile: