Painting Textures on a Landscape

Is there a simple way to do this? It seems like you should be able to just drag/drop textures into the paint window, but I think you have to set up a blueprint. Am I wrong? This was super easy to do with cryengine, but seems more challenging in ue4.

  1. You have to set up a landscape material: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Landscape/Materials/index.html :slight_smile:

At the beginning I show how to create a really simple landscape material:
2. assign it to your landscape
3. under the paint tab you will find the layers -> click onto the little + -> create a layer info
4. paint onto the landscape

Yes, I watched this actual tutorial to find the initial info. Thank you for that tutorial. I was trying to follow this using some of the content assets. How would you do the blueprint using blueprints of assets that are already included? Still seems way more complicated than it should be. Why not a simple drag/drop of the materials into a layer window?

Would be good if you could call it material editor ^^ otherwise it is pretty confusing for me (UDK user :p)

When you want to use the materials from epic games on your landscape, you just have to copy all the notes into your landscape material -> then connect it with the layer weights

Sorry, that is what I meant. I actually tried that, but couldn’t figure out which nodes to connect. Following your tutorial I know I had to connect the texture and the normal for each layer.

Thank you for your tutorials by the way, I watch a lot of yours and Tesla Dev’s.

Here is an example (it’s the grass material which is included in the UE4):

orange=base colour
green= roughness
pink= normal

As you can see, I just added a landscape weight node between all the “main” connections. All of those weights should have the same name so that it will fit together!

I’ll check that out later, thanks again for the advice. Seems like it may be easier than I think!

:stuck_out_tongue: It is pretty easy

And if it doesn’t appear? I mean, I don’t know if its an error but it doesnt appear for me, the whole “Target Layers” content doesn’t appear

Have you actually created a new landscape with an appropriate landscape material assigned (There seems to be no landscape selected in the picture above)? After this you should be able to assign the layers (blends etc).