Painting texture based on alpha issue

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to paint a texture based on value 0/255 where 0 is the first color and 255 is the second one. But it doesn’t work properly, this is my set up. Any advice please?

The bit that’s showing works fine:

What’s the problem?

Ok I’m gonna show you more about it.
As you can see the picture the alpha area are right but the filled area are wrong. I need to paint only the non alpha area using 2 colors where the white contains the first color data and the almost black the second color data.
How can I do that?

Ok, so like mask area A, and then within A, mask again?

Like this?:

Buddy it does work but not using the translucent material so it’s coming problematic because it doesn’t blend.
This is a particle material.

Is there another setting I’m missing?

no just the translucent material. Then as you can see I’m using a mask texture for the opacity

are you sure that you aren’t just seeing the inside of the sphere or something similar?
Since it is a transparent material, I would use the plane mesh to debug it…

I think it’s set to additive as well, which wont help…

I’ve tried using additive and translucent and the problem still persist.
I mean only the first color works. The second one doesnt paint nothing

I think you need it in masked…

I need what? The second color? But how can I do that please?
Ceause I’m trying everything…

Like this:

See, it’s ‘masked, translucent, unlit’.

One texture is lerping between pink and purple, the other texture is used to create the opacity.

I’m trying to work on it… nice solution buddy but material has to be Translucent otherwise doesn’t blend particles in Niagara

I got it! :slight_smile:
Thanks guys… finally I 've found the best way for Niagara…

It is still previewing but it works even on particle system Niagara. Now I have a lot of work to do in Niagara