painting problems

i have 4.15.2 version ue4 and i´m now finnish my landscape but i wanna paint my world
I can not paint my world what I have of modifications. I can only paint objects sorry my english.
I looked at the tutorials but I do not understand why can not I paint what I base of modifications
help me please. Simple help what I would understand what I could try

I can not use the landscape tools where i could put texture since there is nothing that is empty and i can not find it in the menu

navigate to the Usage section in the Details panel and check the Used with Landscape checkmark box. This will enable this Material to be used with Landscapes and save you additional Material compile times.
i have not there landscape wtf

Hello zZalluZz!

Before start working whit the ue4 engine is absolutely recommended to see the documentation first, see tutorials is also a good thing to do. That way you will save a lot of time and troubles!

After that you can get started and ask for a specific problem here.

Please create a new simple project and follow the documentation ninjin provided you in your previous question.
At the beginnings ue4 seems very difficult and complex but if you follow the documentation you’ll learn faster!