Painting On Walls - InGame


As the title suggests, my team and I are trying to find a way to allow the player to paint on walls ingame.
We are working on a 2,5D JumpNRun prototype. So the player would be using the mouse cursor to paint on on the walls behind the player character.

Here is what i have been thinking about. But then again, I am a beginner x)

  • I could imagine doing it with particles, but I wouldnt be surprised if that was resource intensive, especially since I dont want the particles to disappear after a while.
  • Maybe somehow revealing an underlying texture via an alpha channel could be a possibility… But then then the player would be restricted to just one color (?)

I would love to hear how you guys would approach this… =)


What do you want to paint? If it is a pattern or shape like graffiti then you could use a decal. Ray trace from user to target … at interception paint a decal.

If you want to change the color of the walls, then your trick here would be to ensure your materials are set up properly from the start. Have the material have a dynamic colour and then do some BluePrint trickery to update the target object material at interception.

I am sure there are tons of way to do this … but this was just quickly off the top of my head.

Good luck … HTH. 8-}

Thanks for the quick response:) Yeah its pretty much just spraypaint on normal-mapped walls.
Allright I am gonna do some research on decals :slight_smile:


This project posted on the forums may help with something you’d like to do.


Thank you:)

necro here, I wonder what your solution to this ended up being? decals are too expensive to generate and create many of. render targets would need every relevant mesh to have it’s material set up properly, which if you wanted to draw over large areas, multiple objects, or any surface, would quickly become quite expensive.