Painting on Skeletal meshes in game

I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to paint on skeletal meshes while in game. I’ve followed this tutorial (Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprint Texture Painting - YouTube) and it’s worked perfectly for static meshes. The problem comes with this node:


Skeletal meshes don’t work well with it and it usually does not give the correct value. I’ve come across this video (Character Damage using Render Targets in UE4 - YouTube) where he uses line traces instead of finding collision uv, and it works well with skeletal meshes.

I think I followed his tutorial on the unwrap method that he posted (Post Page) properly, but I’m not sure where to go from there, or if I even did it properly.

What do I do after getting the mesh unwrapped? How do I connect that with the skeletal mesh to display the paint strokes and such?

The more I work on this the more confused I get, so any help is appreciated!

Hi. Did you find the solution ?
I am working on this now and also can’t find good tutorial how to do it.

I actually had to stop working on this to work on something else, so I kind of temporarily gave up on this :confused:

But good news is that the guy who wrote that tutorial replied back with his project:

“I actually released that example for download last year here, under Hitmask rendering:
Best of luck,

Hope you can get use out of this. Pls let me know if you can figure it out haha

Thanks very much. Any tips how to open it. I downloaded but this zip doesn’t have *.uproject file. Only content, resource and plugin file. I tried create clear project and paste those folders inside the project, but when i try to open the most importent BP for me HitMask_Render the engine crashes.
Have you tried open this files ?

ist’s plugin.
paste folder from zip to yourproject/plugins/